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Scorpions – Best of Scorpions (1979)

Scorpions – Best of Scorpions (1979)




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  • Steamrock Fever
  • Pictured Life
  • Robot Man
  • Backstage Queen
  • Speedy's Coming
  • Hell Cat
  • He's A Woman, She's A Man
  • In Trance
  • Dark Lady
  • The Sails Of Charon
  • Virgin Killer

Best of Scorpions is a compilation album by the German heavy metal band Scorpions. It was released in November 17, 1979 in the United States. The record contains songs from their albums between Fly to the Rainbow and Taken by Force. No songs were culled from their debut album, Lonesome Crow.

The original German edition of the cover art featured an image of a scorpion stinging a naked girl’s hip. The Japanese edition features an alternative cover showing a naked female’s buttocks. The 1984 U.S. re-release cover featured an image of a man wearing a leather jacket and a scorpion necklace. The album was reissued for the first time on CD in 1984.

Scorpions are a German rock band formed in 1965 in Hanover by Rudolf Schenker. Since the band's inception, its musical style has ranged from hard rock to heavy metal. The lineup from 1978–1992 was the most successful incarnation of the group, and more...

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