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Barão Vermelho – Supermercados da Vida (1992)

Barão Vermelho – Supermercados da Vida (1992)







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  • play_circle_outlineFúria e Folia
  • play_circle_outlineOdeio-te meu amor
  • play_circle_outlinePedra, Flor e Espinho
  • play_circle_outlineFlores do mal
  • play_circle_outlineAzul, azulão
  • play_circle_outlineFogo de palha
  • play_circle_outlineFios Elétricos
  • play_circle_outlineSupermercados da vida
  • play_circle_outlineSombras no Escuro
  • play_circle_outlineCidade fria
  • play_circle_outlineA noite não acabou
  • play_circle_outlineComendo vidro
  • play_circle_outlinePortos livres
  • play_circle_outlineMarcas no pescoço

Supermercados da Vida is the eighth studio album by Brazilian band Barão Vermelho, released in 1992 by WEA.

The album marks the debut of bassist Rodrigo Santos in place of Dadi. Rodrigo was unemployed due to the dissolution of Lobão’s band, which had opted for solo career. Ricardo Palmeira, brother of Dé Palmeira, had played for years with him in the bands Front, João Penca and Seu Miquinhos Amestrados and Leo Jaime, and as soon as the event informed both the musician and the members of the band. Later Guto came in contact and officialized the coming of the new bass player.

To produce the cover of the album was called the artist Antonio Peticov, however his work did not please the group that eventually chose a photo in which people looted a market in the last year of Fernando Collor de Melo’s term.

Barão Vermelho is a Brazilian rock band. Formed in 1981 in Rio de Janeiro, it was originally led by songwriting duo Cazuza (singer) and Roberto Frejat (guitarist), who assumed the vocals after Cazuza's departure in 1985, he left the band in more...

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