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Barão Vermelho – Acústico MTV (1991)

Barão Vermelho – Acústico MTV (1991)




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  • Seco
  • Largado No Mundo
  • Política Voz
  • Tão Longe de Tudo
  • Tua Canção
  • Bumerangue Blues
  • O Poeta Está Vivo
  • Vale Quanto Pesa
  • Bete Balanço
  • Ponto Fraco

Acústico MTV is an album recorded in 1991 from the performance of Brazilian band Barão Vermelho in the MTV Acústico MTV Brasil program. First acoustic in the history of the station , never was released in CD. The repertoire of performance consists basically of the album Na Calada da Noite, released the previous year. Meanwhile, the band’s former successes were also interpreted as “Bete Balanço”, as well as a re-recording of “Vale Quanto Pesa”by Luiz Melodia.

In 2006, the band’s performance in the program was released on DVD in the Box MTV Barão Vermelho, along with two other performances of the band in programs of the station.

Barão Vermelho is a Brazilian rock band. Formed in 1981 in Rio de Janeiro, it was originally led by songwriting duo Cazuza (singer) and Roberto Frejat (guitarist), who assumed the vocals after Cazuza's departure in 1985, he left the band in more...

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