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Os Paralamas do Sucesso – Severino (1994)

Os Paralamas do Sucesso – Severino (1994)




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  • Não Me Estrague o Dia
  • Navegar Impreciso
  • Varal
  • Réquiem do Pequeno
  • Vamo Batê Lata
  • El Vampiro Bajo el Sol
  • Músico
  • Dos Margaritas
  • O Rio Severino
  • Cagaço
  • O Amor Dorme

Severino is the seventh studio album by Brazilian rock band Os Paralamas do Sucesso. It was released in 1994 and produced by famous record producer Phil Manzanera. It was their most experimental album.

The sonority and lyrical themes of Severino were heavily influenced by the popular music and the culture of Northeast Brazil, and the poetry of famous writer João Cabral de Melo Neto (most notably his masterpiece Morte e Vida Severina). However, similarly as the previous album Os Grãos, it received mostly mixed to negative reviews at the time of its release, and suffered from extremely poor sales: it sold only 55,000 copies. However, the album was more well received in Argentina.

Severino spawned minor hits such as “El Vampiro Bajo el Sol”, “Vamo Batê Lata”, “Navegar Impreciso”, “Varal”, “Go Back” (a Spanish-language cover of Titãs’ homonymous song) and “Casi un Segundo” (a Spanish-language translation of the Paralamas’ song “Quase um Segundo”, present in their 1988 album Bora Bora).

Queen guitarist Brian May made a special appearance on this album, providing guitars for the track “El Vampiro Bajo el Sol”.

The album’s cover was drawn by the famous schizophrenic artist from Northeast Brazil Arthur Bispo do Rosário.

Os Paralamas do Sucesso (also known simply as Paralamas) is a Brazilian rock band, formed in Seropédica, Rio de Janeiro, in the late 1970s. Its members since 1982 are Herbert Vianna (guitar and lead vocals), Bi Ribeiro (bass), and João Barone more...

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