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Lacuna Coil – Manifesto Of Lacuna Coil (2009)

Lacuna Coil – Manifesto Of Lacuna Coil (2009)




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  • Our Truth
  • Closer
  • Within Me
  • Enjoy the Silence
  • Swamped
  • Heaven's a Lie
  • Daylight Dancer
  • To Live Is to Hide
  • Cold Heritage
  • Senzafine
  • Honeymoon Suite
  • My Wings
  • Falling Again
  • No Need To Explain
  • The Secret...

Manifesto Of Lacuna Coil is a compilation album by Italian alternative metal band Lacuna Coil, released on 27 February 2009. Tracks are taken from the first four studio albums; In a Reverie, Unleashed Memories, Comalies & Karmacode, as well as from their two EPs; Lacuna Coil & Halflife.

Lacuna Coil are an Italian gothic metal band from Milan. Since their formation in 1994, the group has had two name changes, being previously known as Sleep of Right and Ethereal. Inspired by the combination of gothic imagery and music, the members more...

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