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Titãs – Televisão (1985)

Titãs – Televisão (1985)




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  • Televisão
  • Insensível
  • Pavimentação
  • Dona Nenê
  • Pra Dizer Adeus
  • Não Vou Me Adaptar
  • Tudo Vai Passar
  • Sonho Com Você
  • O Homem Cinza
  • Autonomia
  • Massacre

Televisão (Television) is the second studio album by Brazilian rock band Titãs, released in 1985. It is the first album to feature Charles Gavin on drums, after André Jung’s departure. It sold a total of 100,000 copies, but only 25,000 initially, which was considered a “relative failure” by the band. In a 2006 article, vocalist and keyboardist Sérgio Britto commented that tracks such as “Televisão”, “Massacre”, “Pavimentação” and “Autonomia” hinted the musical direction the band would take in their next album, Cabeça Dinossauro.

Titãs are a rock band from São Paulo, Brazil. Though they basically play pop/alternative rock, their music has touched a number of other styles throughout their 30-year career, such as new wave, punk rock, grunge, MPB and electronic music.They more...

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