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Ultraje a Rigor

Ultraje a Rigor

About the Artist

Ultraje a Rigor is a Brazilian rock band, which formed in 1980 and experienced great success along with other famous Brazilian rock bands from that time, like Titãs, Os Paralamas do Sucesso, Legião Urbana, and many others, mostly during the 1980s.

Ultraje a Rigor began its performances as a cover band – mostly playing songs of The Beatles, punk rock and new wave songs. The final and official line-up of Roger, Leôspa, Sílvio and Edgard began doing shows at parties and small bars. In 1982, still without an official name, they decided on Ultraje a Rigor. The name referred to the band’s irreverence toward the songs they covered, frequently satirizing or distorting them.

Soon, Silvio left the band and was replaced by Maurício. In April 1983, the new formation took part in the Theater Lira Paulistana’s Boca no Trombone project, the band’s first show featuring their own compositions exclusively. After one of these shows they were signed to a recording contract by producer Pena Schmidt who, at the time, was hiring groups such as Titãs for WEA. They recorded their first single, Inútil/Mim quer tocar, which, because of censorship problems, was not released until October of that year. After the single’s release, which led to many more gigs for the band, Edgard, already a member of the band Ira!, found himself unable to continue splitting his time between the two bands and left Ultraje. Carlinhos was recruited to replace him. In 1984, with the new line-up, they recorded their second single, Eu me amo/Rebelde sem causa. Eu me amo did well on the radio.

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