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Evanescence – Origin (2000)

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Evanescence - Origin (2000)

Evanescence - Origin (2000)

Origin is the first demo album by the American rock band Evanescence. It was self-released in 2000,[1] and manufactured and distributed by Bigwig Enterprises; approximately 2,500 copies were made.[2] The Bigwig Enterprises website sold the demo album in limited numbers.

Manufactured by a friend, this rough-draft full-length debut had only a few thousand copies made of the album and were being sold for US$400 on eBay immediately following Fallen’s release.[4] Although it is commonly referred to as a full-length album, lead vocalist and co-founder Amy Lee refers to it as a “dressed up” demo CD, and urges fans to simply download the album, rather than purchase it.[5][6]

It contains earlier versions of “Whisper”, “Imaginary”, and “My Immortal”, which appeared on the band’s debut studio album, Fallen, as well as a re-recorded version of the track “Where Will You Go”, which previously appeared on the Evanescence EP released in 1998. Three tracks were omitted: “Catherine”,[2][7] “Spanish”, and “Listen to the Rain”. “Listen to the Rain” was to be placed between the tracks “Eternal” and “Demise”, but after it was cut, “Eternal” and “Demise” were merged into one track.


  1. “Origin” (intro) Lee, Moody 0:35
  2. “Whisper” (Original versão) Lee, Moody 3:56
  3. “Imaginary” (Original versão) Lee, Moody 3:31
  4. “My Immortal” (Original versão) Lee, Moody 4:26
  5. “Where Will You Go” (Original versão) Lee, Moody 3:47
  6. “Field of Innocence” Lee, Moody, Hodges 5:13
  7. “Even in Death” Lee, Moody, Hodges 4:09
  8. “Anywhere” Lee, Moody, Hodges 6:03
  9. “Lies” Lee, Moody 3:49
  10. “Away from Me” Lee, Moody, Hodges 3:30
  11. “Eternal” (Instrumental) Moody, Hodges 7:22

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