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Raimundos – Lapadas do Povo (1997)

Raimundos – Lapadas do Povo (1997)




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  • Andar na Pedra
  • Véio, Manco e Gordo
  • O Toco
  • Poquito Más (Nealthy Food)
  • Wipe Out
  • CC de com Força
  • Crumis Ódamis
  • Bonita
  • Ui, Ui, Ui
  • Oliver's Army
  • Nariz de Doze
  • Pequena Raimunda (Ramona)
  • Baile Funky
  • Bass Hell
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Raimundos is a Brazilian punk/hardcore band. They have major influences of 1980s punk bands, especially Ramones. The band was formed in Brasília, Distrito Federal, in 1987 by Digão and Rodolfo Abrantes. The vocalist Derrick Green of Sepultura more...

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