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Nazareth – Exercises (1972)

Nazareth – Exercises (1972)




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  • I Will Not Be Led
  • Cat's Eye, Apple Pie
  • In My Time
  • Woke Up This Morning
  • Called Her Name
  • Fool About You
  • Love Now You're Gone
  • Madelaine
  • Sad Song
  • 1692 (Glencoe Massacre)

Exercises is the second studio album by the Scottish hard rock band Nazareth, released in 1972. Although their music is most accurately described as “blues-tinged hard rock” (CD liner notes), this record is quite far from the band’s more standard fare, featuring, quite surprisingly, a number of acoustic arrangements, several songs with orchestral strings, and traditional Scottish airs. Indeed, the album’s “1692 (Glen Coe Massacre)” is about a real incident in Scottish history, namely, the massacre of Glencoe. The album is also significant for its Roy Thomas Baker production—only his third project, and well before his breakthrough works with Queen in the mid-seventies—and its oddly ‘new wave’ cover-art (designed by CCS Associates). An early version of the Razamanaz song, “Woke Up This Morning”, also makes an appearance on Side 1.

Nazareth are a Scottish hard rock band formed in 1968, that had several hits in the United Kingdom, as well as in several other West European countries in the early 1970s, and established an international audience with their 1975 album Hair of the more...

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