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NX Zero

NX Zero

About the Artist

NX Zero (usually abbreviated as NX) is a Brazilian rock band formed in 2001 in São Paulo, the band consists Diego Ferrero (vocals), Leandro Rocha (guitar and backing vocals), Daniel Weksler (drums), Conrado Grandino (bass) and Filipe Ricardo (guitar).

The band released their debut album for the Urubuz Records label, Diálogo? in 2004. After this, the band signed with Arsenal Music/Universal Music and released four more albums: NX Zero in 2006, Agora in 2008, Sete Chaves in 2009, and Projeto Paralelo in 2010. According to ABPD the Band has won two singles Disk Diamond, “Incontrolável” and “Consequência”, “Cedo Ou Tarde” with platinum and “Razões e Emoções” with platinum, with a total of more than a 100 thousand downloads paid only in Brazil.

Nx Zero was in ninth place in the top 50 best selling CDs in Brazil. The debut sold more than 145,000 copies and DVD 62 mil horas até aqui, about 43,000. They received a proposal to rewrite their songs in other languages. They released songs in English and Spanish.

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