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Nando Reis

Nando Reis

About the Artist

Nando Reis (born José Fernando Gomes dos Reis; January 12, 1963) is a Brazilian musician and producer, best known as the former bassist and one of the lead singers of Brazilian rock band Titãs and for his successful solo career, with his own band called Os Infernais. He has also produced a few albums, including some related to Cássia Eller, who has made several significant partnerships with him, and Marisa Monte. In 2012, Nando Reis was listed among the top ten Brazilian artists at the ECAD list of artists who earned the most from copyright in the first semester of that year. In 2016, he was at the 15th position, besides being 6th in the ranking of earnings from live performances and topped the ranking of earnings from music played in public places.

On June 13, 2001, Titãs’ guitarist Marcelo Fromer died after being rammed by a motorcycle (see Marcelo Fromer’s Death). On December 29, he lost another friend: Cássia Eller. In 2002, he released Infernal, his third solo work. He then decided to leave Titãs on September 9, 2002, partially due to the impact of both friends’ deaths caused in his life, but mainly due to a “thought incompatibility”. In a later interview, he said that he left the group also due to his will to give more attention to his solo works. He even proposed that the band stopped for one year after the album release. He also said that his isolation as a composer grew more evident in more recent albums, with more and more songs being composed just by him. Nowadays, Reis and Titãs are in good terms.

Still in 2002, he produced and guest performed in Eller’s Acústico MTV album, which was later nominated for 2002 Latin Grammy Award for Best Brazilian Rock Album; and won it.

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