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RPM – MTV Ao Vivo (2002)

RPM – MTV Ao Vivo (2002)




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  • Revoluções Por Minuto
  • Alvorada Voraz
  • Juvenília
  • Sete Mares
  • Fatal
  • Liberdade/Guerra Fria
  • London, London
  • A Cruz e a Espada
  • Exagerado
  • Vem pra Mim
  • Carbono 14
  • Sob a Luz do Sol
  • Rainha
  • Louras Geladas
  • Rádio Pirata
  • Vida Real
  • Olhar 43
  • Onde está o meu amor?

MTV RPM 2002 is a live album and the only DVD by Brazilian rock and roll band RPM, released in 2002 and bringing back its classical formation.

Recorded at Procópio Ferreira Theater (São Paulo, Brazil), in 26 and 27 March 2002, the album features greatest hits, like “Revoluções Por Minuto”, “Alvorada Voraz”, “Rádio Pirata”, “Sete Mares” and “Louras Geladas”, as well as unreleased songs: “Carbono 14”, “Rainha”, “Vem Pra Mim” (by Herbert Vianna) and “Onde está o meu amor?”, recorded in studio and included on the Esperança’s original soundtrack, from Rede Globo.

The album features Roberto Frejat as a guest, at the song “Exagerado”, by Cazuza. Another guest performer is Renato Russo, which voice was inserted (Renato Russo passed away on 1996) on the acoustic version of “A Cruz e a Espada”.

The DVD version still features one more song: the instrumental “Naja”, which had the guest performance of Brazilian singer and percussionist Otto. An i-clip of “Onde Está o Meu Amor?” was included, made with pictures of the show and an interview with the band.

RPM ("Revoluções por Minuto", Revolutions per minute, in Brazilian Portuguese) is a Brazilian pop rock band. It was formed in 1983 by singer/bassist Paulo Ricardo, keyboardist Luiz Schiavon, guitarist Fernando Deluqui and drummer Paulo Antônio more...

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