Peter Frampton – Shine On – A Collection (1992)
Peter Frampton – Shine On – A Collection (1992)

Peter Frampton – Shine On – A Collection (1992)

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Release date: 1992
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Artists: Peter Frampton
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  • 1992 - Shine On - A Collection
    • |_ Cover Front Back
      • |_ Back Peter Frampton Shine On A Collection.jpg
      • |_ Front Peter Frampton Shine On A Collection.jpg
    • |_ Shine On a Collection Disc 1
      • |_ 01-Peter Frampton-Wind Of Change-Shine On (A Collection) [Ger] (Disc 1).mp3
      • |_ 02-Peter Frampton-It s A Plain Shame-Shine On (A Collection) [Ger] (Disc 1).mp3
      • |_ 03-Peter Frampton-Jumping Jack Flash-Shine On (A Collection) [Ger] (Disc 1).mp3
      • |_ 04-Peter Frampton-All I Want To Be (Is By Your Side)-Shine On (A Collection) [Ger] (Disc 1).mp3
      • |_ 05-Peter Frampton-The Lodger-Shine On (A Collection) [Ger] (Disc 1).mp3
      • |_ 06-Peter Frampton-I Got My Eyes On You-Shine On (A Collection) [Ger] (Disc 1).mp3
      • |_ 07-Peter Frampton-All Night Long-Shine On (A Collection) [Ger] (Disc 1).mp3
      • |_ 08-Peter Frampton-Lines On My Face-Shine On (A Collection) [Ger] (Disc 1).mp3
      • |_ 09-Peter Frampton-Don t Fade Away-Shine On (A Collection) [Ger] (Disc 1).mp3
      • |_ 10-Peter Frampton-I Wanna Go To The Sun-Shine On (A Collection) [Ger] (Disc 1).mp3
      • |_ 11-Peter Frampton-Baby (Somethin s Happening)-Shine On (A Collection) [Ger] (Disc 1).mp3
      • |_ 12-Peter Frampton-Nowhere s Too Far (For My Baby)-Shine On (A Collection) [Ger] (Disc 1).mp3
      • |_ 13-Peter Frampton-Nassau Baby, I Love Your Way-Shine On (A Collection) [Ger] (Disc 1).mp3
      • |_ 14-Peter Frampton-The Crying Clown-Shine On (A Collection) [Ger] (Disc 1).mp3
      • |_ 15-Peter Frampton-Penny For Your Thoughts-Shine On (A Collection) [Ger] (Disc 1).mp3
      • |_ 16-Peter Frampton-(I ll Give You) Money-Shine On (A Collection) [Ger] (Disc 1).mp3
    • |_ Shine On a Collection Disc 2
      • |_ 01-Peter Frampton-Show Me The Way-Shine On - A Collection (Disc 2).mp3
      • |_ 02-Peter Frampton-Shine On-Shine On - A Collection (Disc 2).mp3
      • |_ 03-Peter Frampton-Do You Feel Like We Do-Shine On - A Collection (Disc 2).mp3
      • |_ 04-Peter Frampton-I m In You-Shine On - A Collection (Disc 2).mp3
      • |_ 05-Peter Frampton-(Putting My) Heart On The Line-Shine On - A Collection (Disc 2).mp3
      • |_ 06-Peter Frampton-Signed, Sealed, Delivered (I m Yours)-Shine On - A Collection (Disc 2).mp3
      • |_ 07-Peter Frampton-I Can t Stand It No More-Shine On - A Collection (Disc 2).mp3
      • |_ 08-Peter Frampton-Breaking All The Rules-Shine On - A Collection (Disc 2).mp3
      • |_ 09-Peter Frampton-Theme From Nivram-Shine On - A Collection (Disc 2).mp3
      • |_ 10-Peter Frampton-Lying-Shine On - A Collection (Disc 2).mp3
      • |_ 11-Peter Frampton-More Ways Than One-Shine On - A Collection (Disc 2).mp3
      • |_ 12-Peter Frampton-Holding On To You-Shine On - A Collection (Disc 2).mp3
      • |_ 13-Peter Frampton-The Bigger They Come-Shine On - A Collection (Disc 2).mp3
      • |_ 14-Peter Frampton-I Won t Let You Down-Shine On - A Collection (Disc 2).mp3

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