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Plebe Rude

Plebe Rude

About the Artist

Plebe Rude is a Brazilian rock band. It was formed in Brasília, Distrito Federal, in 1981 by Philippe Seabra, Gutje, Andre X and Jander Bilaphra. They began gaining popularity in the punk rock scene in 1982. They later went to São Paulo where they played with Ira! and then to Rio de Janeiro where they played with Paralamas do Sucesso and Legião Urbana. Their first album, O Concreto Já Rachou was released in 1986. They released two more albums during the 80s: Nunca Fomos Tão Brasileiros and Plebe Rude III.

They broke up for a time, but began playing together again in the 90s when their first three albums were re-released as CDs. In 2000 they released a live CD called Enquanto a Trégua Não Vem, and played a few shows. They are currently recording their next Album, R ao contrário, with new guitarist Clemente (from São Paulo punk band Inocentes) and a new drummer Txotxa.

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